About Us

We are a Miami Based company with years of experience in business and community development. We started by forming strong connections and networks with top businesses and experts in different fields. Along the way, we discovered that there’s a slight difference between a successful business and a near-collapse one; the right person in your ear.

Our company is mainly focused on business and community-based development projects. Our primary goal is to rethink entrepreneurship and unitize modern technology to grow your business.


By outsourcing parts of the strategies to our team of experts, you’ll easily reap the benefits of our experience and ensure your organization operates efficiently as possible.

Business Development

At Phoenixx Consultancy, we offer assistance to companies in marketing, sales, procurement and help develop local and international business developments. As a plus, we value adaptability. Therefore, our team of experts can design a specific one-time project with your goals and views in mind.

Non Profit Consulting

Running a community development is entails tons of work, and sometimes you might not have all the resources to manage the workload internally. Luckily, our community development consulting package exists for a reason!


EVENT Planning

What do you need to launch a successful upcoming event? Event coordinators? We know the best in town. Venues space? We got you! Rental supplies? Don’t sweat it! All resources you’ll need to ensure your event ends up being the talk of the town are at your disposal at Phoenixx Consultancy.

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Hive. The Collective

Connect with like-minded individuals to obtain information and the inspiration you’ll need to start or grow your business.

In The Collective, we offer opportunities for networking, top-tier classes, courses, and all the tools you’ll need to grow your business.

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