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About Phoenixx Consulting

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We are a Miami-based consulting company experienced in business and community development projects. We are built on strong connections and a network including top businesses and experts in various fields.

Rethink entrepreneurship by unitizing modern technology to grow your business.

Our Services

Consultancy Services

By outsourcing parts of your business strategies to our team of experts, you’ll easily reap the benefits of our experience and ensure your organization operates efficiently as possible.

Business Development

At Phoenixx Consulting, we offer assistance to companies in marketing, sales, procurement for developing local and international businesses. As a plus, we value adaptability. Our team of experts can design a specific plan with your goals and views in mind.

Non Profit Consulting

Running community based projects entail tons of work, and sometimes you might not have all the resources to manage the workload internally. Luckily, our community development consulting exists for a reason! Use us as a resource to help execute your organization’s mission. 

Event Planning

What do you need to launch a successful event? Need Event coordinators?  A venue space? Rental supplies? Don’t sweat it, we got you! We’ll help with all the resources you’ll need to ensure your event ends up being the talk of the town. Find out how we can make your vision a reality.


Our Partners

We Grow Together Foundation

WGTF understands that community is at the heart of growth. When people come together, dreams are built faster, better, and stronger. By uniting local businesses, entrepreneur ambassadors, and a team of volunteers, WGTF seeks to strategically nurture community projects that promote wellness and the arts in neighborhoods that have been historically overlooked or underdeveloped.

By the community, for the community.

Xanthos CPA LLC

Xanthos CPA Accounting Services is a diverse accounting firm that provides a full suite of accounting solutions for personal requirements, or business big or small.

We believe that our personalized approach will enable and contribute to our client’s financial growth year on year with focused guiding and solution providing.

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